The human body consists of up to 70% water. The weight of a water molecule is composed of 90% oxygen, thus it can be simply said that approximately two thirds of the human body contain oxygen. Oxygen gets into the body predominantly through the lungs by breathing. The body also absorbs a certain amount of oxygen through the pores in the skin. 99% of oxygen is bound to haemoglobin, which supplies oxygen to all systems of the body, and stimulates chemical reactions. Oxygen also rids the body of sediment and is an essential factor for the metabolism of toxins in the human body.

Ed McCabe is known for his investigations of oxygen therapy for more than 22 years and summarises his findings in the book “Flood your Body with Oxygen.” Polluted water, air pollution, processed foods – it all accumulates in us and limits our ability to acquire and absorb enough fresh oxygen at the cellular level. This chronic condition pollutes our blood, which is then the basis for all sorts of diseases.

(Flood your Body with Oxygen – ISBN 9780962052750)

In 1988, Professor Dr A. Pakdaman discovered and developed so-called Oral Oxygen Therapy (OOT) as an innovation in medicine with a very promising perspective and used for the first time in clinical scientific medical practice. This therapy is based on using natural water enriched with oxygen. After oral ingestion (drinking) of oxygenated water, an increase in PO2 (partial pressure of oxygen) in venous blood has been observed. Once drinking water is enriched with oxygen, oxygen molecules are found between water molecules or localize in the interior space formed in the water, which is coated with a water membrane. The water membrane is cleaved in the body for a variety of reasons, e.g. by heat. Through contact between oxygenated water and mitochondrial formations in the cell plasma (glands, intestine, kidney, brain, heart, etc.), this water membrane is torn, oxygen is liberated and serves to improve the energy balance of the cells, in other words, it is a natural source of energy for our body.