Glass respects you and nature. Glass comes from nature. It is made from raw materials that are generally abundant in nature, e.g. sand, limestone, dolomite or feldspar. It is the only 100% recyclable packaging material. It can be recycled again and again, thus using up less energy and natural resources. And that’s good for all of us.

Glass is attractive – the pure beauty and craftsmanship in the production of glass compares to no other material. Products look natural, healthy and of high quality in glass. The colours and diversity of glass containers give products their originality.

Glass is entirely harmless to health. It is inert to content, impermeable to other substances, and totally hygienic.

Glass “tastes” good. It is a pure, natural product, which will additionally reward you: there is no transmission between glass and its content. Ingredients such as flavourings or vitamins can thus be kept in glass without any change in taste. Moreover, glass does not contain bisphenol A (a chemical that acts as oestrogen). Glass is in fact the only packaging material, which does not need additional layers to preserve the original taste of water or any other food. If you like good food, then your choice is clear.