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of water in glass

Glacier water *in* glass barrels

Quality LIFESTYLE *with* Aqua Angels


Icelandic glacier

Yes, we carry water from Iceland. Why? Because you won't find such naturally alkaline water with a low mineral content and extremely delicate taste anywhere else in the world.


Save money & time

Simply order three or more barrels online and they will be delivered to you anywhere in the Czech Republic with no transportation fee.


Flexible delivery

We will deliver water directly to you in returnable glass barrels. We won't just bring them to your front door but can put them wherever you tell us you want them.


Glass barrel

Thanks to our glass barrel, the water will reach you in perfect condition and have a great taste. And most importantly, we will always take empty barrels back from you.


Easy hydration

Our water is soft and has a delicate taste, so it is easy to drink and won't burden your body. This ensures that you will be able to drink enough water in an easy and natural way.


Stay HYDRATED & Stay *in* TOUCH