Crystal clear Aqua Angels water comes from naturally melting Icelandic glaciers tens of thousands of years old, and springs from artesian wells. The volcanic soil produces a highly alkaline water pH level. Its glacial origin predetermines the low mineralisation and high content of absolutely pure dissolved oxygen. This unique combination creates the perfectly delicate and recognisable taste of the water.

Analysis of the composition and current microbiological tests are available in the section DOWNLOADS


The advantage of low-mineralised water is that it does no burden the body with an excessive amount of salt. The unique delicate taste of the water helps maintaining the optimum-drinking regime pleasant and easy. Even children then love to drink water without added juice, because they simply like the taste of the water. In terms of gastronomy, low-mineralised water is the perfect complement to high-quality meals and drinks, because it does not affect their taste – on the contrary, it brings out the finest details and enhances the culinary experience.


Naturally alkaline pH of water 8.8 is almost 80 times higher than the neutral pH 7. Such uniquely highly alkaline water is produced by naturally filtering water through alkaline volcanic rock. Excessively acidic pH of water is harmful to the body. The World Health Organisation has set the lower limit of the recommended pH for drinking water at 6.5. Alkaline water is one of the basic foods that nutrition specialists consider to be important for maintaining pH balance in the body. Read more in the chapter PH AND ACIDITY OF ORGANISM.


The glacial origin of the water also determines the high content of natural dissolved oxygen, which supports immediate revitalisation of the body. You can learn more about dissolved oxygen in the section OXYGEN